Louise Roe Verner glass container, smoke

Louise Roe

ø9xø11xh12 cm
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Lekker liten krukke til oppbevaring, i brunsort glass. Vakkert, i all sin enkelhet og virkelig flott på feks kjøkkenbenken. Kommer i flere størrelser. Louise Roe, Established in 2010 - is the interior design company with a commitment to high quality, aesthetic and functionality. The mission is to revive Danish interior design and add an architectural touch by using the graphic lines of the urban cities around us as a frame for inspiration. The ambition is to rethink interior design as a concept of simplicity and at the same time have a personality and a story to tell. Louise Roe is a qualified fashion designer and has worked for many years in the home furnishing and interior design business. So naturally she sees fashion and interior as one as long as its about high quality and esthetics.