Diamond large mirror, yellow gold

Reflections Copenhagen

Håndlaget speil fra Reflections by Hugau/Larsson.
4 mm speil, med sortmalt mdf på baksiden.
Måler 100x27 cm.
Anbefaler å hente i butikken. Egen fraktberegning ved hjemlevering.



Reflections by Hugau/Larsson is a collaboration between designers Julie Hugau & Andrea Larsson. This fine collection of handmade decorative mirrors incorporates more traditional styles and shapes and provide a new dimension in strength and form for distinctive wall decor. Through the reflections collection the designers have realised their dream of creating a product that unites art and decor. The unique Reflections collection is made with strong visual structures to create a contrast in light reflections and wild mirror images. In developing the concept Julie & Andrea were inspired by the graphic expressions of the Art Decor era, the contrasting 80’s and the opportunity to work with a delicate and fragile material to create a unique and innovative product.


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Bestillingsvare 8800,-

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